“The City of London Sinfonia played brilliantly for conductor Lada Valešová, evincing total commitment, a wide palette of colours and attentiveness to detail.”

Opera Today

“Conductor Lada Valesova gave a well paced and persuasive account of the score and the small group of twelve instrumentalists produced a musical web that allowed the singers space to flourish.”

Owen Davies | Plays to See

“Conductor Lada Valešová communicates deep feeling for the light and shade of Tchaikovsky’s score, for its sorrowful sighing phrases and its whirling dances.”

The Sunday Times

“Lada Valesova found all the colours in both scores, including some fine harp in the Cui and stretching to swanee whistle in Langer’s fun music.”

Keith Bruce | VoxCarnyx

Lada Valešová © Frances Marshall

“Lada Valešová brings out the melancholic beauty of Opera Holland Park Eugene Onegin.”

Seen and Heard-International

Lada Valešová © Frances Marshall

“The conductor, Lada Valešová, judges the balance with the City of London Sinfonia sklifully.”

Financial Times

“…superbly directed by the Czech conductor Lada Valesova.”

Seen and Heard International

“Lada Valešová conducted the City of London Sinfonia in a carefully shaped performance, drawing wonderful colours and surprising heft from the reduced orchestra.”


“The players clearly respect her; beauty, predominantly of the melancholic kind, was everywhere.”

Seen and Heard International

“The Czech-British conductor Lada Valešová drew superb playing from the chamber-size HGO Orchestra: textures were lucid, but the palette was ever warm.”

Claire Seymour | Opera Magazine

“The conductor, Lada Valešová, judges the balance with the City of London Sinfonia sklifully.

Financial Times

Lada Valešová © Frances Marshall
Lada Valešová © Frances Marshall

“Derek Clark’s reduced orchestration for twenty-two instruments is beautifully interpreted by conductor Lada Valesova, making her debut appearance at West Green.”

Mark Aspen

“Guest conductor Lada Valesova made an immediate impact with Prokofiev’s Overture on Hebrew Themes which prefaced with operas.”

The Herald

“In the pit Lada Valešová drew finely detailed playing from the City of London Sinfonia, her reagard for the work showing in care she lavished on every moment. This was a performance where Tchaikovsky’s orchestration counted for a lot.”

“City of London Sinfonia sumptuously conducted by Lada Valešová.

“City of London Sinfonia superbly conducted by Lada Valešová.

Lada Valešová © Frances Marshall