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Concert ” The Journey there and back again” at Janáček’s Hukvaldy International Music Festival

The unusual format of the recital has been appreciated by the Czech audience. The aim of the programme was to describe the pianist’s journey from London back to Czech Republic, right to the heart of Janáček’s creative home, his native village Hukvaldy.

The explanations and stories about the works by Handel, Poulenc, Britten Ireland, Bach-Busoni in the first half, and Lysenko, Janáček and Pavel Haas in the second, have helped the audience to connect more immediately with music, most of which they would have heard  for the first time.

Standing ovation and a wonderful painting of Hukvaldy by local painter Antonín Korča have been wonderful rewards for the evening, which took place on one of the hottest summer days.

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