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Latest Reviews from the Diary of One Who Disappeared tour

“ The formidable piano part requires the widest palette, from the soothed monody to   the eruptive violence.

The postlude where Janik decides to follow Zefka who is expecting a child, is pushed to the climax. Lada Valešová, familiar with the work, is an interpreter inhabited by the singular language of the Czech master. “


“ The score is splendid and Lada Valešová is a marvellous pianist to whom we are indebted for so much happiness. Whether it is to evoke the luxuriance of this nature so dear to the composer, the violence of passion or the doubts of the young man, the palette is very wide, close to the music language of the Cunning Little Vixen. “


“ the rhythmic precision, the sharpness of the half-hues and the bevel lyricism of the Czech pianist Lada Valešová arouse enthusiasm. “


“ interpreted by the expert hands of the pianist Lada Valešová, who manages to compliment the voices on the stage, accompanying them and carrying them as well as she does with the score.”


“ Finally, the pianist Lada Valešová offers an assured and invested accompaniment. If her stage presence remains discreet, her role is essential in the musical discourse, and very well delivered. “


” The pianist Lada Valešová consistently powerful, rhythmic, and sensitive playing – ideal for Janáček’s repetitive, proto-minimalist compositional cells and angular melodic lines. ”…/