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„ I had the opportunity of listening to your excellent new recording “ Intimate Studies” and I must say I admired it tremendously.

The Janáček “In theMists“ seemed to me to be played most beautifully with great feeling for the poetry of the mists being described, with an understanding of the underlying meaning of the work which is most impressive and all too rare.

The other Janáček pieces called “ Intimate Studies“ ( no doubt inspired by Janáček’s designation of his Quartet  “ Intimate Letters “ ) I find absolutely fascinating. I had actually never heard any of them before and short though many of the pieces are, they are all beautiful representatives of Janáček’s mature style. I am most grateful that you were able to introduce these pieces on your recording.

All in all you are to be congratulated on a magnificent CD which gives such a splendid overview of the 20th century Czech music.“

Sir Charles Mackerras